Different strokes


Compare the solicitous attitude that New York Times managing editor Bill Keller shows for Judith Miller to the complete apathy shown by Mainstream Media for the plight of the Iranian pro—democracy activist  and journalist Akbar Ganji who is thought to be near death as a result of a hunger strike meant to encourage freedom in Iran;  :
Keller on Miller:

"'It has definitely dawned on her that this is really in jail —— it is certainly no summer camp,' Times Executive Editor Bill Keller told E&P Monday. 'The food has not agreed with her and we have been trying to impress on her that she needs to eat. We have been hammering that in.'  

The New York Sun on Akbar Ganji:

With his health failing and his family barred from visiting him...political prisoner Akbar Ganji [was rushed} to Tehran's Milad hospital, a decision seen by his supporters yesterday as a last—ditch effort to save the dissident journalist's life".

Judith Miller is no Akbar Ganji.

Ed Lasky   7 19 05