Do greenies have a sense of irony? How about shame?


Surely I'm not alone noticing that there is an Irony Meter somewhere, pegged out. For decades "environmentalists" fought to prevent New Orleans' levee projects on the basis of irreversible damage to Lake Pontchartrain's eco—system.

How many decades it will take to remediate Lake Pontchartrain from the indescribable eco—system damage done to it by pumping hideously toxic flood waters out of New Orleans back into the lake?

By prevailing at the bar, the "environmentalists" actually destroyed the thing they said they sought to preserve. Pontchartrain is going to be a sewage dump for a long time to come, unfit for anything.

It reminds me of a line if the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, then Hell itself is surely paved with do—gooders.

Were that they were only fools. That can be forgiven. But 30 years of this Rachel Carson cult nuttiness has become toxic to public safety.

Michael Geer   9 21 05