Draft rumor covers for politicians' lack of courage


The latest flap over a possible return to the draft is an has an additional dimension beyond a continuation of typical leftist scare tactics to drive uninformed voters to the polls on groundless fears. It is not surprising that the NYT would support the Kerry campaign in promoting this baldfaced lie, but the Times apparently forgot that Republican Senator Chuck Hagel contributed his two cents worth  back in April of this year.
Not only have the myths and legends of who served and who died in front—line units in Vietnam been thoroughly de—bunked, but the draft—mongering politicians of both parties have failed to explain how it was that we maintained over 270,000 more troops in the US Army than pre—911 levels for nearly two decades without a draft.  As my article shows, Congress is simply unable or unwilling to provide proper funding for increased troop strength for fear of having to decrease or eliminate their precious entitlement programs or pork barrel projects in their home districts.  In other words, the draft mongers are proposing the cheap solution to bolster our troop strength because they cannot decide which is more important, our national security or their pet programs.
Posted by Doug Hanson    9—27—04