Durbin's other slander of America


By now, everyone knows the outrageous comments spoken last week by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.  No, wait, I'm talking about these comments:  President Bush, Durbin said,

 "doesn't understand what every American understands: As long as our economy depends on the OPEC cartel, we have no control over our economic future or our security."

"This proud and powerful nation is frankly on its knees when it comes to oil, begging for the oil cartel to send oil our way."

Remember, Durbin was supposed to be debating the energy bill when he ventured into a different topic (Gitmo...Americans are evil, etc.).  First, Durbin has proven he doesn't know 'what every American understands.'  Secondly, we're on our knees begging for oil?

We are Americans, sir.  We are very resourceful.  When the price of gasoline goes up to levels never seen before, we may make some adjustments, but we do not beg.  Note to Hollywood:  do you know why the box office as been abysmal this year (besides the fact that there is no Passion of the Christ out there)?  Here's one man's answer: instead of spending $9.00 to see the latest Steven Spielberg movie, for instance, I've been putting that money in the tank.  It's a matter of priorities.

What's that about Wall Street, you say?  Oil prices will put strain on the economy and cause the Dow to plummet?  This is from the Wall Street Journal:

'Stocks are trading in lockstep with crude oil,' said Matthew Johnson, head of U.S. stock trading at New York brokerage firm Lehman Brothers.  And yet, with oil up $1.53 a barrel at $40.97, 'the stock market traded better than expected and traded, I guess, better than most people expected,' Mr. Johnson said.

Something's wrong here.  Isn't oil near $60 per barrel?  You're right.  The quote above was from the Wall Street Journal on July 15, 2004.  The Dow today is just north of 10,500, while it was at 10,208.80 on the day Mr. Johnson made his observations.

As I said, Senator Durbin, we are a resourceful people.  We don't beg.  And you are not as slick as you think.

J. James Estrada   6 22 05