Egyptian protestors FAVOR Israeli investment


This article is a report from Davos on the efforts that Middle East reformers are making to improve their nations. Trade deals regarding investment zones set up with Israeli and American help in Arab nations are working.
Key grafs:

...other signs indicated that Egypt —— and the greater Middle East —— may be riper for change than is generally recognized. Consider the reaction to economic agreements inked by Egypt, Israel, and the U.S. in December. The accords set up so—called Qualified Industrial Zones in several parts of Egypt, where manufacturing operations can export to the U.S. without any duties being levied —— as long as Israel invests a certain amount in the schemes.

It's a smart way of building economic bridges between the two wary former enemies. The projects, though, came in for sharp criticisms recently in many important Egyptian newspapers. Yet demonstrations occurred in several Egyptian cities a few weeks ago to demand that their areas be considered eligible for Israeli investment under the new agreements, which go into effect in mid—February.

Ed Lasky   2 2 05