EU to WTO: Get Lost


Hmm..imagine that..the EU defying an international organization. Sacre bleu!

The EU has been favoring its former colonies in terms of importing bananas. Latin American producers cried foul to the WTO—which has now ruled that the EU has been and apparently intends to violate trade rules by manipulating tariffs. The EU's response: as obdurate and arrogant as it always is: WTO arbiters were

"not in a position to endorse the proposed tariff level,'' the Brussels—based commission, the EU's trade authority, said in a statement. "The intention remains to have a tariff—only system in place on Jan. 1, 2006.''

Ed Lasky   8 01 05

Richard Baehr adds:

The same logic that makes America a more attractive investment climate for foreigners than many others countries, also makes certain parts of of America more attractive for investment by Americans than other parts fo the country. The rapid growth in population, housing starts, per capita income, and business growth in the South and Southwest, and away from the Northeast and Midwest, reflect the more favorable busines development environment and lower taxation in these states. Foreign investment in a red country,and American and foreign investment in the red states are two sides of the same coin.