Europe's J'Accuse


The German CEO of one of Europe's largest publishing companies has finally had enough. In a blistering essay published in Die Welt, called 'Europe, thy name is cowardice,' he laid into Europe's long string of appeasements to tyrants and terrorists that have made it the object of so much contempt in America and to sensible Europeans themselves. They have finally had enough of this. It's made Europe downright dangerous.

If this German CEO is reading the winds of change correctly, there may be more Europeans out there who are now willing to throw down the gauntlet and foresake the wretched losers' strategy we've seen all too long from them. If so, this is a new beginning.

This essay is blowing around like wildfire on the blogosphere because it's real news. It's so strong and so against conventional wisdom about Europe that I wonder if it will have the impact of Emile Zola's 'J'Accuse' some 100 years ago. Alek Boyd at VCrisis has a new translation here.

A.M. Mora y Leon 04 04 05