Eurotrash gall


Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe has been fighting a long, bloody, solitary war against terrorists who are as vicious and remorseless as any found in the Middle East. Like Al Qaida, these murderous barbarians finance their Marxist 'program' of destruction through the drug trade. Their combination of ideology and business is as ugly to think about as terrorism itself. And way out of the media spotlight, President Uribe is quietly crushing them.
His program has many facets, and one of them is to persuade poor Colombian farmers to grow real cash crops instead of coca. With wide swaths of the economy now moving away from the cocaine trade, real economic growth and strengthening civic institutions are the result. He needs help, though, and the U.S., to its credit, is happy to give it. It's not very much, by the way, only $3 billion — which compared to the tens of billions of dollars the Iraq war continually needs, is a bargain. Strong leaders in themselves are amazing at minimizing costs.
President Uribe also asked Europe, whose soft libertine citizens also individually finance the illegal cocaine trade, for help. And the response he's getting from them? Never mind the necessity of winning the war on terror. They want to MICROMANAGE  how he runs his country! They want him to change his country's laws and run a place with Colombia's rough terrible realities like an old established coddled, cosseted and protected democracy — like, say, Denmark!
Not only are they demanding the right to write Colombia's laws, they are advocating a law—enforcement approach to terrorism. To them it's not war, it's just street crime. And now they are insisting on laws to reframe the war this way.
Or not a penny of aid! These Europeans never put such conditions for aid on communist Cuba! The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Only brave Colombia which is fighting a terrorist war needs to change its laws to please Europe! If I were President Uribe, I don't know what I'd feel. The gall of some of the world's democracies is unspeakable.
And speaking of Denmark, it's worth reminding that Denmark has people in it who have directly financed Colombia's (and Palestine's) terrorists to protest U.S. anti—terrorism laws. These leftists clowns, from a group called Association Rebelion, have been sought for extradition by Colombia, but the request was ignored. Indifference is so high that they are not even facing the prospect of fines or short Danish spa—prison tours. 

There is something extremely wrong with this picture. This is violent war, not pickpocket problems. And wars must be won with victories, not Miranda rights, not 20—year trials, and not big lawyer settlements. Or indifference. But with victory.

Europe knows little about victory, so they continuously, reflexively defend the status quo, including their imagined 'rights' of sworn terrorists, particularly on the left. They don't have a very good record of fighting terrorism either, and it shows.
My response to them for their gall to Colombia is unprintable.
A.M. Mora y Leon 02 04 05