"Every litter bit hurts"


This is one of those "Death of morality by a thousand small cuts" stories. (Not unlike Selwyn Duke's Laura Bush piece.)

Iron Eyes Cody is not what you'd call a household name. But I bet every red white and blue blooded American who's owned a TV since at least the early '70s remembers listening to a deep, admonishing  voiceover telling them; "Some people have a deep abiding respect for the natural beauty that was once this country...and some people don't. People start pollution. People can stop it." If your jpgs still need joggin'...click "here".
Fast forward thirty—plus years and you get...this. Mr.Cody isn't with us anymore but I think it's safe to say that if he was around to see the latest incarnation of what was the seminal roll in his (long/unsung) career, he'd be inclined to shed another tear or two. I wonder if Woodsy Owl still gives a hoot? 

Joe Crowley   5 15 05