Examining the examiners


Lawrence Henry catches The Educational Testing Service, publishers of the SAT examinations, telling the truth about what their goals really are. Written with style and wit, the item lets us know what lies in store for our young folks as they contemplate the competition for what passes as "elite' institutions of higher education these days. That particular emperor is losing more clothing every year, and is just about down to the bikini underwear.

Thomas Lifson   5 20 05

Dennis Sevakis adds:

I think I'd be safe in assuming that all who read AT are not only familiar with but also thoroughly fed up with the PC culture/diversity/affirmative—action/zero—tolerance/West—is—worst war. But, how in the world did all this get started? From whence did it come? Who thought up this nonsense?

Well, John Fonte has an answer for you in the Hoover Institution's Policy Review of December, 2000. In his article titled "Why There Is A Culture War — Gramsci and Tocqueville in America" you can learn the roots of this crazy quilt of political subversion that bloomed from the thought of Antonio Gramsci (1891—1937), a Marxist intellectual and politician.