First Amendment peril


The evil done by the Pew Foundation's secret maneuvers to stampede Congress into passing, and President Bush into signing, the free speech—regulating McCain—Feingold campaign finance reform act continues to spread. The Supreme Court's acquiescence to limitations on political speech has empowered those who do not want the ordinary folk to enjoy access to the megaphone of the internet.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering legislation to require bloggers to register and pay a registration fee if they run a website with more than 500 hits. Additionally, they must account for all sources of revenue if they spend more than $1000 on their website. They may also face audits of their traffic.

So free speech will be taxed. Intrusive audits of expenses, revenue and traffic will be used to harass those who use the internet to express their views.

Meanwhile, nude dancing continues to be protected as 'free speech.'

Something is very, very wrong.

Hat tips: Daily Pundit, Personal Democracy Forum, and Polipundit

Thomas Lifson  4 4 05