Fonda's back, and the media have her


If you're over 30——come on, admit it——you will remember Jane Fonda: actress, anti Vietnam War activist, exercise guru, daughter of a famous star, ex—wife of the (semi) famous Ted Turner, once—famous film director Roger Vadim, and barely famous lefty Tom Hayden, and all around controversial woman. 

She dropped out of sight quite a while ago when she married (for the third time) the bi—polar CNN founder Ted Turner and moved to Atlanta where she still maintains a home. 
But now she's ba—ack——face wrinkles and sags out, breast inserts in,  make up carefully on, dull brown/gray hair off——looking fabulous darling, just fabulous.  At 67 she's making a comeback of sorts; her autobiography, accompanied by a full scale media assault, is due out soon and she's doing another movie with Jennifer Lopez.
Hey, I disagree with her on just about everything except her ability to use the free market system but Janey, I gotta tell you something,  "Great!  Go for it! Do it!"

Ethel C. Fenig   3 9 05