Free ride for Canadians only


Canada is taking steps aimed at limiting exports of prescription drugs:

Canada's health minister threatened Wednesday to overhaul the country's regulations on exporting prescription drugs, saying Canada would no longer be a cheap "drug store for the United States."

Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh said Canada would ban the bulk export of prescription drugs when their supplies were low at home. But he left vague how the ban would be put into place _ and whether it would affect the thousands of individual purchases that take place across the U.S.—Canada border and over the Internet.

Many experts predicted Canda would do this when drug re—importation came up as a politcal stunt used to atack Bush administration health policies. They do not wan to lose the cozy arrangement they have with drug companies — allowing Canadians to enjoy cheap drugs, subsidized by Americans.

Ed Lasky    6 30 05