Freedom not to listen


Freedom of speech is embedded in the Constitution but freedom not to listen is implied.  And in full force as Hyundai executives learned to their amazement.

Most Hyundai customers really, really, really don't want to listen to Howard Stern. They were so emphatic about this that they rejected an offer for a limited time free offer of Sirius Satellite Radio on their new car; they were so emphatic that they exercised their freedom of speech by making unsolicited comments how opposed they were to Stern's brand of free speech.
Hyundai and Sirius executives should listen, though of course it is their choice.
Ethel C. Fenig  5 14 05

Update: a reader alerts us that XM, the alternative satellite service, broadcasts Opie and Anthony, notorious for desecrating St. Patrick's Cathedral. Discerning listeners may wish to avoid satellite radio entirely.