French msm biases


Apparently mainstream media's (MSM) failure to publish unpleasant, politically incorrect facts is not unique to the US.  This also regularly occurs in France
Commenting on attacks by adolescents of North African Muslim origin against striking  students in Paris, blogger Nidra Poller reveals

26 March 2005:  Any doubt that may have lingered about the importance of the March 8th incidents is now dispelled by an equally momentous event: Le Monde, France's newspaper of record, has admitted—after several weeks of soul—searching and honest investigative journalism—to an across the board, deliberate, longstanding refusal to acknowledge the existence of anti—white anti—French racism.  Ombudsman Robert Sol strings together a series of letters from readers, interspersed with vivid details on the violence of the attacks, and concludes that the paper has been treating the issue with politically correct kid gloves and a dearth of investigation.  When Le Monde wakes up, other French media might just open one eye.  Stay tuned for further developments.
Ethel C. Fenig   3 31 05