Friends of the Library Association


The American Library Association, whose campaign to keep America's libraries free from FBI scrutiny so that al Qaeda feels free to read bombmaking books in comfort, recently won a court victory against the Patriot Act. But that is not enough for leftist useful idiots.

They now have a new pet cause: Hugo Chavez apologist Eva Golinger, whose shoddy 'research' books amount to nothing more than communist propaganda. They're hosting this enemy of freedom at their Chicago event. Alek Boyd has the disgusting details here

UPDATE: As if things could not get worse, the ALA has also found time to shill for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, in what looks like a long, odious love affair. Do these creeps ever find time to work? Or is ALA just a totalitarian—causes chop shop? Val Prieto has the loathesome story here.

A.M. Mora y Leon    6 21 05