George Galloway in Syria


British MP George Galloway has just told the fascist regime in Syria that "Foreigners Are Raping Two Beautiful Arab Daughters — Jerusalem and Baghdad." This language is obviously designed to promote peace and the spirit of compromise in the Arabic world.

It was Mr. Galloway who was one of the last Europeans to visit Saddam Hussein while he was still running torture and rape rooms in Iraq, and who carried out the "Mariam Appeal" in Britain to protest the boycott against Saddam. He is still being investigated for corruption allegations by the British Parliament. Galloway has been accused by a US Senate Committee of receiving  Saddam's Oil—for—Food payoffs, though he has successfully sued the Telegraph of London for publishing documents about that connection.

So far George Galloway has gotten away scot—free, as he might put it. He now represents the Respect Party, a front for the Socialist Workers' Party, which has made common cause with Islamist radicals in London.
This is the Hardm Left—Islamist alliance that has put out the welcome mat for suicide bombers in London. Only a few weeks after the subway bombings, here is Mr. Galloway giving a rabble—rousing speech in Damascus, home of several terrorist groups. An interesting coincidence.

There is no record of Mr. Galloway's ever paying his respects at Saddam's mass graves. While in Syria, however, he might want to consider a tour of the city of Hama, in which President Hafiz El Assad (father of the current
President) managed to bombard some 50,000 Muslim fundamentalists to death in 1982.     

It was the Baath Party's  way of dealing with Islamist radicals. Today Hama is a model of peace. Mr. Galloway would enjoy it.

However, I wonder if Mr. Galloway's Muslim constituents are aware of his admiration for the regime that murdered an estimated 50,000 Muslims in a single act?

James Lewis    8 03 05