George Soros


I cannot hear the name "George Soros" without hearing Shirley Bassey's voice singing it to the tune of the theme from the Movie Goldfinger. The multi—billionaire currency speculator has his fingers in so many pies that we surely will never figure out the extent of his influence over the contemporary world. The Christian Science Monitor has an article on him, which is worth reading. Mostly, he comes across positively, which is not surprising considering the Monitor's political stances. It's called "Mr. Soros Goes to Washington." Cute.

I found the following paragraph on his image quite interesting:

The Democrats, who originally celebrated their big—money donors with great fanfare, seem to be more aware of the potential pitfalls associated with the 527s and the billionaires funding them. Loath to lose their image as "party of the common man" yet none too keen on losing the big bucks in contributions, the leaders walk a tightrope: downplaying donors' contributions one moment, praising them the next.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

Posted by Thomas  8 25 04