Get a (Democratic) life


While Howard Dean persistently insists the Democrats are the party of the people as opposed to the Republicans who are the party of white Christians who have never worked, some of those Democrats haven't been listening. 
Take this amazing exchange between a Pennsylvania citizen, Bill McIntyre, who e mailed a criticism about the salary increase state legislators voted for themselves,

Then there was the reply from Democratic Senate leader Robert J. Mellow, D—Lackawanna:

"Why don't you get a life? Please do not mail my office another e—mail." 

Naturally McIntyre ignored this directive, firing off another e mail, 

signing the response "A Citizen who cares and will not forget."

That brought another response from Mellow: "You are not the only one who will not forget."

Power to the living, working Democrats who vote themselves pay raises. Not!

Ethel C. Fenig    8 12 04