Giuliana Sgrena as Pinocchio


Devoted Communist and ex hostage Giuliana Sgrena just can't stop talking about her recent  not so excellent adventure.   
And the more she talks, the more she inadvertently reveals the truth, proving she not only lied about her time in Iraq, but how her selfishness and self—centeredness endangered so many others.  And like her paisan, Pinocchio, those who finally catch on to her are becoming publicly disgusted.
Italy's Justice Minister urged former hostage Giuliana Sgrena on Friday to stop making "careless" accusations after being shot by US forces in Baghdad, saying she had already caused enough grief.

Sgrena has repeatedly suggesting US soldiers shot her on purpose and said on Friday she had little faith in a joint investigation by Italy and the United States into the "friendly fire" incident.

"She has created enormous problems for the government and also caused grief that perhaps was better avoided," Justice Minister Roberto Castelli told reporters in Bologna.
...Many Italians have been irked by her descriptions of her kidnappers. She said they were not killers and that she may have over—dramatised her videotaped appeal from captivity for Italy to withdraw its 3,000 troops from Iraq. 
Because of this terrorist enabler/admirer, a brave Italian spy is dead and the terrorists have additional vast sums from her ransom money to continue their evil work.
But she doesn't seem to understand: she still whines now that she has been exposed.
She also complained of being treated unfairly.

"I feel like I'm being accused for being kidnapped and then saved," Sgrena said, speaking from a Rome hospital, where she is undergoing treatment for her injuries.
Well yes you are Ms. Sgrena.  Think about it, why were you there?  Who are you blaming? Like Pinocchio, learn the painful truth.  And then maybe you'll become a real human not just a puppet for a discredited philosophy.
Ethel C. Fenig   3 13 05