Gloria Azrael


If you squint at this photo, the herringbone garb will blur to a solid black. Now just imagine a scythe resting on her shoulder and the true picture of this former cover girl turned anti—man will come into focus. If you listen closely you can hear her saying "Set my minions free lest you suffer my wrath!" (As if her image itself weren't enough!)
Maybe Mizz Steinem would think twice before she publicly protested in defense of the terrorists imprisoned at Guantanamo, if she were to actually visit her pals there and they spat or threw their urine or feces on her as they do our soldiers. Or would she laugh along with them when they spread their arms and pretended to be a plane flying into the Twin Towers shouting "Boom, boom!"?
Where do these has—beens hibernate when they're not spewing the bile of their lost glory? I think we'd all be better off if she and her 200 life—less protesters were to just return to the obscurity whence they came.

Joseph Crowley   7 5 05