Good news for Bush - 2 ways


The Senate primary in Florida on Tuesday is good news for Bush in two ways. Mel Martinez, the White House's pick in the race, won handily, and is now poised to be the first Cuban—American ever to win a Senate seat. Cuban voters, heavily Republican already, will now turn out in big numbers. Other Hispanics, who do not always see politics the same way, espcially the large Puerto Rican community in Central Florida, may also be more likely to vote Republican.

Equally damaging to the Democrats' chances in the state was the nomination of Betty Castor, former President of the University of South Florida over Congressman Peter Duetsch. Deutsch was very popular with Jewish voters in South Florida, who were the only reason Bush didn't win the state more easily last time. Now the Democrats have nominated the woman who kept Sami al Arian in his teaching post for years, despite charges that he was working with foreign terror groups (Islamic Jihad). So Hispanic vote is up, Jewish votes for Democrats may be supressed.  It is unlikely that Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties will give Kerry a 400,000 vote margin, as Gore achieved last time.

Posted by Richard  9 1 04