Good news for Tony Blankley fans


We are huge fans of Tony Blankley, the editor and columnist for the Washington Times. He is both incredibly smart and well—informed. Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times and Power Line, we now learn that Tony will be heard regularly on a powerhouse station in Los Angeles, KCRW, the "public radio" outlet which dominates listenership among the leftist Hollywood elites.

Somehow, it also is no surprise that, like us, Tony is a fan of Larry David, and considers David to be a natural conservative, who simply doesn't realize it yet. Married to a much younger wife, Laurie David, much given to preaching about the need to conserve energy yet addicted to travel on private jets, Larry has seemed to go along to get along, as it were.

Like Tony, we hope that Larry David will start hearing common sense from the normally "safe" broascasts of KCRW, and will open his mind.

KCRQ simulcasts its schedule on the web. Listen in today at 2:30 PM Pacific time, by clicking here.

Thomas Lifson  2 4 05