Greenpeace blows off threat to Venezuelan ecology


As the pace of farm confiscations accelerates in Venezuela, the outlook is grim for the tiny private ecological reserve called Hato Pinero, a jewel box of rare wildlife full of orchids, anacondas, flamingos, pumas and parrots. Although Venezuela's government already owns 60% of the land in the country, it is targeting the small but well—developed private farms for confiscation and redistribution, including lands that are not suited to crop agriculture, like cattle ranches and jungle swampland. This move is certain to destroy Venezuela's productive agricultural capacity, and more sadly, will lay waste to Venezuela's precious and irreplaceable natural wildlife. We wrote about the Marxist government's Zimbabwe—like confiscations of this environmental preserve here
The obvious question we asked then was: 'Where is Greenpeace?' Why is it that Greenpeace, which never met an environmental cause it didn't like, is suddenly silent? We wondered if maybe they didn't know about the coming environmental atrocity, but that wasn't the case at all. The fact is: they are indifferent. There's no money to be made from the Tides Foundation or others because that donor base is entirely leftwing. Therefore, they are supportive of Hugo Chavez, the ultimate force behind the desecration of the land. Never mind the destruction, then. Greenpeace could not even be bothered to put out a letter on its Web site to support the threatened environmental preserve.
Alek Boyd exchanged some correspondence with them and found them to be a lumbering, lifeless bureaucracy utterly indifferent to the plight of an irreplaceable ecological reserve as Marxist land confiscators intent on turning it into slash—and—burn agriculture roll in. It's not edifying.
Greenpeace is despicable. Read it here
A.M. Mora y Leon 05 12 05