Hold on for the next Halliburton charge


Wouldn't you know it, Halliburton has been contracted to build a new prison at...Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  It all comes full circle (if you're a leftie) doesn't it?

The $30 million dollar job will be carried out by KBR, a subsidiary of the company that has been under fire for its previous government work in Iraq and elsewhere.

The facility will house 220 in air—conditioned comfort.  Exercise areas will incorporated as well as medical and dental centers.

But why Halliburton and KBR?  Why not?  KBR employs 60,000 people in 43 countries.  This includes locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America.  Founded in 1919, this is one of the most successful oil services and engineering and construction companies in the world.  No shortage of experience here.

The fire the Company has come under is because it's based in Houston, Texas and Dick Cheney was its former CEO.  Those are two no—no's for complainers on the Left.  But the Company has also come under a different kind of fire.  They have lost 65 employees who were doing their jobs in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, in, obviously, very difficult and dangerous circumstances.  These brave people are building infrastructure for a suffering humanity — including impoverished women and starving children.

Perhaps you will recall the story of Mississippian Thomas Hamil, employed by Halliburton in Iraq, who was taken hostage by terrorists in April of last year.  Mr. Hamil was fortunate.  He escaped his captures with his head in tact.  Others haven't been so blessed.

And so, the charge is coming (probably from the Senate floor) that Bush and Cheney want Gitmo to remain open to give Halliburton more cash.  Before those charges are leveled, perhaps someone should look into the eyes of the Halliburton widows and orphans and see what their reaction is to the empty refrain, 'your loved one died in vain as a puppet to a corrupt administration.'  Yeah, right.  And that air—conditioned facility is   the 'killing field' of our time.

J. James Estrada   6 17 05