Hot times at Hillary's alma mater


Long, long, long ago, Wellesley College had the reputation as a somewhat staid campus, a good place for daughters of genteel upbringing to attend and gain the polish which would make them attractive brides for Ivy League boys. How times have changed!

The Boston Herald reports today that 11 "young ladies" (as they used to be called) from Wellesley had to be taken to emergency rooms or the college infirmary, because they

drank the night away Saturday before the school—sanctioned celebration sponsored by a lesbian, bisexual and transgender group....

This is the second time in two years that preball boozing has marred the wildly popular tradition at the women's college where revelers don anything from shorts and ribbed tank tops to Saran Wrap, corsets and, for the men, drag—queen costumes and tuxedo thongs.

I am certain that junior Senator from New York, who also attended Wellesley, and who, we all know, is deeply concerned for the children will want to take an active role in helping her alma mater ensure no repitition of this health—threatening pattern of behavior ever occurs.

Hat tip: Richard Baehr  

Thomas Lifson   3 7 05