How Democrats "help" working folks


I long ago learned to watch how important (in the sense of wealthy, famous, or high status) people treat unimportant (on the same dimensions) people, as a surefire guide to their character. Do they practice common courtesy? Do they really listen when the unwealthy, uncredentialed, low status folks talk to them? And, if they are dining out, do they leave an adequate tip which will help the hardworking waitress feed her kids? Having worked as a waiter in my youth, and knowing lots of restaurant people, I know that a 10% tip is an insult, and 15% doesn't really recognize a job well done.

When the important person in question poses as an advocate of the 'common man' or the 'other America,' the obligation to behave decently is augmented by the hypocrisy factor. Hillary Clinton notoriously was in the habit of not only failing to leave tips, but also of expecting to pay nothing for her restaurant meals, ay least until newspaper reports embarrassed her.

The American Spectator today reports on another 'little guy' kinda guy named John Edwards. It seems that in his quest for suitable visuals, zillionaire Edwards has been dropping in on picturesque diners. The only problem is that his very presence makes the possibility of paying customers actually eating meals and leaving tips all but impossible.

On Monday, Edwards was in Wisconsin for several appearances, one of them being at the Delta Family Restaurant in Oshkosh. The plan was for Edwards to meet and speak with local types about healthcare and the economy.

One problem: no one at the event ordered a bit of food or drink for the event, leaving the diner —— a family—run restaurant that counts on people actually eating and buying things to survive —— flat for the day's take. Apparently attendees to the event were miffed, expecting they might be served free food for appearing with Edwards.

I would guess that it never even occurred to Edwards or his handlers that the little guys they campaign for actually need to earn a living, each and every work day.

Posted by Thomas  8 25 04