How low can they go?


What do you get when you cross the New York Times editorial page with a pschoanalyst? Compound absurdity (or assininity?). A hybrid personality disorder?

Today, Gail Collins, opinion editor of the Times, has seen fit to give coveted op—ed space to ridiculous article by Belinda Board, "a clinical psychologist based at the University of Surrey and a consultant on organizational psychology," who attacks John Bolton by implying he shares personality characteristics with psychopaths.

This sort of remote diganosis by implication can be done on any chosen target, and has no meaning whatsoever. Except that Times is willing to go very low indeed.

The article also associates business executives with psychopaths, an even broader libel. It tells us a lot about the ruling ideology at the Times.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson   5 11 05