I wish I had written this


The Democrats who used to produce things —— cars, steel, and foodstuffs —— are being replaced by those who produce fads and fashion, things people enjoy but don't need. Societies need teachers, soldiers, engineers, and mechanics; they need people who drill for oil and fix cars; people who understand war and politics.

No one needs sitcoms, movie reviews, handbag designers, gossip columnists, or professors of gender construction, but this superfluous cadre is becoming the core of the party of Truman and Roosevelt, an alliance of the superficial and trivial, along with the hopelessly poor. Call it the FDR coalition, minus the South, minus the farmers, minus a large part of labor, which has been weakening, and seeing the nonpublic sector part of its membership go over to voting Republican.

This is not a national coalition, but it does know the best stores and best restaurants, and knows where to go for good hair. Noemie Emery's article in the Weekly Standard on the subject is great.

Jack Kemp   3 29 05