Imagine if US or Israelis had done this...


The New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, CNN, ABC, and all the others would be giving major attention to a story about US or Israelis firing on UN forces. But let the Palestinian Authority fire on UN forces, and it falls to the invaluable Benny Avni of the invaluable New York Sun to break the story.

Armed Palestinian Arabs fired yesterday on a U.N. team that was sent to Lebanon to verify a Security Council resolution aimed at ending Syria's occupation.

The U.N. representatives were dispatched to Lebanon late last month to confirm that Syria has withdrawn all the occupation troops, equipment, and intelligence agents ahead of Lebanon's scheduled elections. The shooting incident occurred in the Bekaa Valley, in the country's eastern region, where, according to Lebanese press reports, Syrian operatives have dug in despite the April 26 display of troop withdrawal.

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Ed Lasky   5 05 05