Inescapable conclusion


Reader Robert Maret has written us a letter which expresses the outlook of a lot of us who have been following the unfolding of the saga of Kerry and the Swiftees. It is safe to say that these conclusions (see last paragraph) will eventually become inescapable for all but the diehards on the left, for whom logic and data are meaningless:

AWOL, deserter, coward. Just a few of the many words describing President Bush's National Guard service during the Vietnam War. For the last 7 months, heavily in February and March, the media analyzed George Bush's whereabouts while in the guard. Alabama? Texas? Louisiana? I don't know and I am sure nobody will really ever know the truth to what really happened. The President took the media offensive against him and his reelection campaign. He didn't try to suppress anti—bush pundits running around on TV shows and on liberal op—ed newspaper sections, making accusations about events they never even witnessed more then 30 years ago.

Now comes along a group of Vietnam Veterans called "The Swift Boat Veterans For Truth" (a few who even served with John Kerry) and with a small 150,000 dollar TV ad, scored a direct hit to the Kerry Campaign hull. What we saw for the past 7 months against the president is now resonating in the media against John Kerry. The only problem is this time around the media doesn't want to analyze accusations against John Kerry the same way they analyzed George Bush. The only answer I have to this problem is, George Bush is a Republican and John Kerry is a Democrat. The media has already selected John Kerry as there Candidate and anything anti Kerry will only help President Bush.

According to the, in the last two weeks the Swift Boat Vets have raised almost 1.8 million dollars. The Swift Boaters have expanded there TV ad campaign and have spent about 800,000 dollars in election battleground states like Ohio, West Virginia, Arizona etc. That's only a fraction compared to the amount of money raised and spent by anti—Bush 527 groups like, America Coming Together, and the Media Fund which have raised an estimated 64 million dollars according to