Iraq lost?


It was reported today that Islam will be the main source of Iraq's law and her parliament will observe religious principles.  Parliament will also be restricted from passing laws that contradict Islamic principals. 

This news will not be greeted well by the country's women or religious minorities, but meshes perfectly with Iranian goals.  An Arab News article  informs the reader of Iran's position concerning democratic reforms.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, remains firm in his short and long—term program to the Islamic Majlis (parliament).  Western ideas concerning government are incompatible with Islam and his new administration 'bravely rejects all alien political ideas'.

Mr. Ahmadinejad's 'program,' a 7,000 word document, describes the United States and an Islamic Middle East as incompatible entities with the former eventually collapsing while the latter, inspired by Iran's 'divine system', prevails.  The Arab News article continues,

'The creation of an 'Islamic pole' is the key objective of what the document refers to as 'the 20—year strategy' of the Islamic Republic. It is not clear who developed that strategy and whether or not Ahmadinejad, who is elected for a four—year term, hopes to remain in power for two decades.'

'The goal of the 'Islamic pole' would be to unite the world under the banner of Islam, as the 'final Divine message' and 'the only True Faith.'

 Mr. Ahmadinejad's objective concerning the Iranian state is to control all aspects of its citizens' lives:

'The state would follow the citizens from birth to death, ensuring their health, education, well—being and leisure. It will guide them as to what to read and write and what 'cultural products' to consume so as not to be contaminated by Western ideas.'

Iran's president is honest in divulging his plans and is not shy concerning his ambition.  Hitler revealed his intentions via Mein Kampf, but the free world was unconcerned until it was too late.  Will the West ignore Mr. Ahmadinejad as well?  Will the shift in policy by the United States concerning Islam's influence in Iraqi politics be the 'Czechoslovakia' concession to Iranian goals?

Eric Schwappach   8 20 05