Islamic terrorism


The painful truth is Bush was correct about the difficulty, if not near impossibility, of ending terrorism.  It was just politically incorrect to say so out loud. Rephrasing the sentence, flip flopping, to use a derogatory term, doesn't change the reality.

The following frightening scenario, with all of Debka's faults, contains some harsh truths. Once again, Israel has served its function as the canary in the mine, an evil foretaste of the violence.  And of course Israel was blamed for bringing  the terror on itself.

 But the Islamic terror will continue. There will be moreevil; it will occur in expected and even unexpected places.  The other shoes are ready to drop.  And the next times maybe the victims won't be blamed.  But will there be enough strength to confrontthe perpetrators?

Ethel C. Fenig  9 5 04