Italian journalist shot


The indignation that civilians can work up when they are injured cruising around in a war zone never ceases to amaze me.  What a massive sense of entitlement!  If she is upset at anybody, it should be at her driver who didn't stop. 

Yes, it is certainly a tragedy that the Italian who negotiated the release was killed in the incident.  But that is war.  That is why war is a bad thing.  That is why you have to be careful in a war zone.  Perhaps the Italian journalist is unaware that the primary tactic of the bad guys has been to drive cars into crowds and detonate them. 

"We were just out for a drive and they fired on us.  No reason at all.  After all, we weren't terrorists so why should we have to stop at some checkpoint?"  (I paraphrase.) 

Sometimes I think radicals didn't have fathers who told them the facts of life.  Don't taunt a tiger.  He might eat you.

Greg Richards   3 6 05