Jane Fonda, victim


Appearing last night on David Letterman's CBS Late Night show, book—peddling Jane Fonda indulged in a bit of self—pity. After denouncing the war which liberated 25 million Iraqis from a hideous and murderous dictatorship, the following took place:

Letterman had just held up the infamous photo of Fonda sitting on a North Vietnamese anti—aircraft gun.

Fonda, who is promoting her autobiography, "My Life So Far," said she is the "lightning rod" for the still open wounds of the Vietnam war and she feels "sad about that."

Fonda told Letterman her image as Hanoi Jane is a creation of ideologues to "promulgate their right wing, narrow world view. It really doesn't have anything to do with me and it's kind of sick."

Nothing to do with her?

There is something sick here, and it has everything to do with Fonda. She is in massive denial about the effects her actions had on the POWs tortured because of her actions, on the American Soldiers fighting in Southeast Asia, and on the scores of millions Vietnamese and Cambodians who have endured communist tyranny for decades because she played a crucial role in defeating America on the home front. Millions were slaughtered by the poeple she helped place in power in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Jane Fonda has this blood on her hands. American blood. Vietnamese blood. Cambodian blood. It apparently has driven her crazy.

Hat tip: The Jump Blog and Russ

Thomas Lifson   4 8 05