Jewish deja vu all over again


Tonight Jews around the world will be celebrating the joyous holiday of Purim.  In ancient Persia (Iran) a vain, weak king, following the advice of his evil counsel Haman, passed a decree authorizing the total destruction of the Jews in all the lands ruled by the king.  Thanks to the bravery of the Jewish Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai the plot was foiled so not only were the Jews  saved but Haman and his henchmen were totally destroyed.
In celebration the story of Purim is read in the synagogues; loud noises blot out the name of Haman each time it is mentioned.
In every generation a Haman will arise to destroy the Jews; in every generation may they all be destroyed.
Presently many of Haman's henchmen are working at American universities.  Middle East scholar Martin Kramer documents one aspect of distorted Middle East studies in the universities.  Alas, there are many more.
May truth and good prevail.
Ethel C. Fenig    3 24 05