Jewish voices for Terri


Some on the left in the American Jewish community seems to favor death for Terri Schiavo. Writing on National Review Online, David Klinghoffer speculates that this sentiment may be dues to regrettable atavistic negative reactions to a Christian agenda.

But other American Jewish groups, such as the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, have called for action to save her.

Meanwhile, in the Village Voice, the honest and principled liberal Nat Hentoff does not shrink from calling her death what it is: judicial murder.

Dick Weltz adds:

Everyone is surely well aware of the controversy surrounding Terri Schiavo, whose husband wishes to discontinue providing her with food and water, thus causing her to slowly starve to death, and her parents and siblings, who wish to take over her care, continue the feeding, and keep her alive as long as possible.
Without necessarily drawing any conclusions, I find it interesting that, according to articles in this morning's NY Sun, a rabbi speaking for Orthodox Judaism (Agudath Israel), a rabbi speaking for Conservative Judaism (New York Board of Rabbis), as well as other OJ and CJ spokespersons, and the head of the mosque and Islamic Center here in New York all have spoken out against killing Terri Schiavo. The views of the Pope and the Catholic Church are, of course, strongly on that side of the question as well; and the NY Times quotes an official of the National Association of Evangelicals as being in favor of letting her live.
The Times also reports the views of Rabbi Leonard Scharzer of the Jewish Theological Seminary, but he does not express an opinion on whether or not Mrs. Schiavo should be denied food and water and allowed to starve to death.
The sole exception mentioned among the religious communities, reported in the NY Sun, is the comment of the rabbi of New York's Reform congregation, Rodeph Shalom, who is quoted as saying that she ought to be left to die.

Thanks to all the readers who wrote in to inform us of Jewish voices urging Terri Schiavos' life be spared.

Richard Baehr  3 29 05