Jews and Arabs can live together peacefully


Hirsh Goodman, of Tel Aviv University, writes in the Jerusalem Report about how Jews and Arabs are able to live together peacefully, when the regime is democratic and protects basic rights.

While the Palestinians lead the band and the world dances on to the refrain that Israel is apartheid South Africa and Zionism is racism, Israel is, in truth, an example of coexistence of two peoples in one land at a time of war.

I write this from my office at Tel Aviv University. In four years of war with the Palestinians, through the most horrible outrages of suicide terror and the casualties and destruction caused by Israeli counter—strikes, there has not been one altercation between Arab Israeli and Jewish Israeli students on campus, not one demonstration. I have not heard a single harsh exchange of views.

Despite the constantly horrific anti—Zionist rhetoric from the Arab members of Knesset on anything and everything to do with the way the Jews are running the country, they remain part of the current political debate and process. It is their votes keeping the Sharon government in power at the moment and they know it full well, showing adroitness as they navigate through Israel's political waters

Ed Lasky  2 5 05