John McCain Gets Soros Cash

By has revealed a fascinating web of relationships underlying John McCain's activities.

Senator John McCain's Reform Institute has suffered some bad press recently due to its involvement in an influence—peddling scandal with Cablevision. As usual, however, mainstream media have failed to go to the root of the matter.

Founded on June 26, 2001, McCain's Reform Institute for Campaign and Election Issues has long served as a nerve center for the so—called "campaign finance reform"movement —  a movement which has done nothing to clean up campaign finance, but has done a great deal to empower federal judges and government bureaucrats to regulate political speech, in defiance of the Bill of Rights.

Now here's the kicker. The list of donors published on the Reform Institute's Web site reads like a veritable Who's Who of radical, leftwing foundations, including the Tides Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Proteus Fund and George Soros' Open Society Institute. (hat tip, Winfield Myers)

Not surprisingly, in view of the above associations, Arianna Huffington serves on the Reform Institute's Advisory Board. Huffington has long acted as a front for George Soros' "campaign finance reform" efforts. In 2000, she organized the so—called Shadow Conventions which provided John McCain with a bully pulpit to stump for his now—infamous McCain—Feingold Act. George Soros shouldered about one third of the cost of the Shadow Conventions

Clarice Feldman  3 10 05