Keep your eye on Spain


El Mundo and Barcepundit have been tracing some odd coincidences in the Madrid bombings, including these:

* The cellphones used in the bombing came from a cellphone shop owned by Mausilli Kalaji, a Spanish police officer,
*. Of Syrian descent, and a former member of Al Fatah, with strong ties to Palestine,
*. Trained in Russia as an intelligence agent,
* Whose sister is a police translator and was responsible for translating wiretaps on the terrorists before the attack,
*. And Kalaji's ex—wife is also a police officer, and was one of the first on the scene of the bombing, and found the 13th backpack —— which had the disconnected wires and the easily traceable phone.

Any of these things could be meaningless. But it is worth keeping an eye on the news out of Spain. The 3/11 bombings were instrumental in bringing down a government, and significantly altering Spain's foreign and domestic policies.

Chester, of The Adventures of Chester, has pulled together the ionformation in visual form, which helps to connect the dots.

Clarice Feldman  5 21 05