Kofi's losing hand


In today's Washington Times we learn that the US and the EU have secured pledges from over 80 countries and organizations to provide economic and security assistance to the newly democratic Iraq.  The conference in Brussels resulted in all of the participants endorsing the Iraqi Prime Minister's call for a program similar to the post WW II Marshall Plan.

UN Secretary General, 'KA,' not wanting to be left out in the cold, praised the joint US—EU conference, and said,

We have jointly declared that we will work with Iraq to help meet the priorities and expectations of the Iraqi people.  The people of Iraq have plenty of friends and we are determined not to let them down.  I'm confident this will be a turning point in Iraq's transition.

As the article mentions, 'KA' has been under the gun for the last several months over the UN's corrupt Oil—for—Food program.  Last Friday, the House voted for cutting the amount of US contributions to the organization, because of its delays in implementing reform measures, and its lack of accountability in the scandal.  The Brussels conference signaled to 'KA' that the US and the EU were going to move on needed financial and security measures to help Iraq with or without UN participation.

Of course, the US was gracious in thanking 'KA' for finally coming around to our side:

"Kofi has been terrific," a senior U.S. official said. "He's been very supportive and his words today were very strong."

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to play poker against a master, especially when he knows his opponent is a cheat.

Doug Hanson  06—23—05