Left wing goons


The Washington Times has joined Michelle Malkin, David Horowitz and us in decrying the wave of left wing violence against conservative speakers on campus. the Times editorial makes a couple of points worth serious attention:

1) The MSM largely ignores this violence, just as it ignored the pre—election violence against Bush—Cheney campaign offices, including the firing of guns.

It is virtually inconceivable that similar violence directed at Kerry supporters or  — imagine! — abortion clinics would have been similarly ignored.

2) When violence is ignored, it inevitably escalates. Pym Fortuyn was attacked with pies in the face (laced with urine). Then he was shot and killed. As a result politics in the Netherlands changed drastically.

Let me be the first to call for a Justice Department investigation into political violence. Substantial FBI resources need to be devoted to uncovering the perpetrators. Their crimes are against the civil right to freedom of speech, and their organized efforts to violate these civil rights may well violate federal law.

Thomas Lifson  4 11 05