Leftists rail against MoveOn.org


Mmmmm, I love the sound of leftist kvetching in the morning! Just kidding! But today's whining about MoveOn.org, the George—Soros—funded leftwing activist group is particularly good for a horselaugh. MoveOn.org has decided to drop its opposition to the Iraq war and end its call for U.S. troops to pull out of Iraq.
I guess they knew how big a losing cause that was, not to mention, what a waste of time. Or maybe they are gathering round the New Hillary who's trying to project a moderate image. Or to oppose Iraq in light of its stunning election outcome is just stupid. Whatever it was, it hasn't stopping the leftist hardcore base MoveOn.org's attracted from screaming and yelling about it. This account is particularly ridiculous.  But George Soros, being an old hedge fund manager, probably knows when to cut his losses. 
A.M. Mora y Leon 03 11 05