Lessons from a female terrorist


Honestreporting.com has an excellent article, complete with a video link, on the case of Wafa al Bas, a female Palestinian suicide bomber apprehended before she could kill.

This episode highlights three important points that remain largely ignored or misrepresented in media coverage of the Mideast conflict:


Al—Bas explained to reporters why she carried out the act:

I love Allah, I love the land of Palestine and I am a member of Al—Aksa Brigades... my dream was to be a martyr. I believe in death... Since I was a little girl I wanted to carry out an attack.

Though media outlets often rationalize Palestinian suicide terror as a 'desperate' response to Israeli wrongdoing, al—Bas' statement is the latest indication that the main motivation for the heinous crime is a twisted, lifelong aspiration to achieve 'greatness' via mass murder.....


The latest Amnesty International report accused Israel of 'crimes against humanity and war crimes' that included 'obstruction of medical assistance'. Such reports invariably receive broad, uncritical media coverage that lacks appropriate context.

Al—Bas' act, however, clearly demonstrates the need for strict Israeli administration of checkpoints and medical permits. She is the latest in a long string of Palestinian terrorists who cynically used their status as medical patients or modest women to perpetrate terror attacks....

According to a Haaretz report, Israeli security received a tip on al—Bas' imminent attack, and gave the PA and Abbas detailed information regarding it, but the PA did not act.

Al—Bas' thwarted effort followed on the heels of a brutal ambush of an Israeli civilian car in the West Bank (pictured), which killed 28—year old Yigveny Rider.

The PA continues to do very little to fulfill its roadmap obligation to uproot terror groups, choosing instead to incorporate terrorist operatives into its political and security leadership.

Media outlets continue to ignore this violation of the signed agreement, describing it as a mere 'Israeli demand'

There is much more analysis and many valuable links in this report. It should be read in full.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson   6 22 05