Our frequent correspondent, Manuel Guanipa, of Whitinsville, MA, has written us a letter well worth sharing:

It was a sobering experience to see Iraqis demonstrating against the evil which is being perpetrated by a few barbarians who think raw violence will be able to stop the rise of democracy in that country.

Both Al Zarkawi and Bin Laden are painfully aware of the fact that the hunger for liberty in the hearts of the Iraqi people will eventually spell the end of their murderous careers. They also realize that by simply appealing to common sense their twisted ideology has no chance of making any inroads, hence their resistance will mainly consist of recruiting those few misguided souls who are willing to call themselves martyrs by killing a few of their own native brothers and sisters en route to paradise, an offensive which the Iraqi people have proven they are more than willing to endure for the cause of freedom.

In the meantime, the media had better wake up and abandon their tendentious focus on the carnage delivered to their front steps by those whom they continue to sympathetically laud as insurgents, lest they miss a chance to see the re—birth of a nation whose people refused to quell their yearning for freedom in the face of what appeared to be insurmountable odds.