Liberal car talk


On taxpayer funded National Public Radio even talking about the gears and tires on cars can't escape a lefty slant.

The guys who host "Car Talk" on National Public Radio —— brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi —— were in Washington yesterday to visit with some of the powerful government officials whose support for public radio is so vital. They also sat for a rare interview.

"George Bush is a [unprintable vulgarity]," Tom Magliozzi says, about three minutes into the interview.

And just to make sure his feelings were understood, he repeated himself.  Twice.

No matter that NPR mouthpiece Jennifer Lawhorn lamely claims

"I'd like to point out that 'Car Talk' is editorially independent," Lawhorn says.

"Their jokes and jabs," she further states in a follow—up e—mail, "aren't in any way the official views of NPR and its member stations."

And to think that some were shocked! when the new Republican appointee of NPR's parent, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, stated he wanted to bring balance to its presentations. 
A better idea——just eliminate the taxpayer funds and return them to the taxpayers. And these guys can then boost the ratings of Air America.

Ethel C. Fenig   5 05 05