Liberals for death and oppression!


Before the University of Colorado took a hard left turn, its faculty included some of the most brilliant minds in academia.  Among them was Donald Baker, who taught at UC for 22 years as a Professor of English.  Don is retired now, but he remains a perceptive observer of politics and — lucky me — hardly a day goes by without an email from Don about whatever happens to be going on, in which he delivers an insight that hadn't occurred to me or, as far as I can tell, to anyone else.  Usually I just read the email, then send a reply to Don urging him to write it up for a wider audience.  He always refuses, but now he's delivered himself of an insight so interesting and perceptive that I've asked for, and received, his permission to write it up on his behalf and pass it along to readers of The American Thinker:

There is a striking parallel between the Terri Schiavo and the Elian Gonzales cases:

In each case, the victim is under the legal control of a man who is no longer living with the victim, who in fact has run off with another woman and fathered her children, and who no longer plays an active role in the victim's life.  In Terri's case, this is her husband.  In Elian's case, it's his father.  Moreover, in each case there are people willing and able to care for the victim — Terri's parents; Elian's relatives in Miami.  Yet in each case, the man with legal control insists that the victim be harmed — Terri killed, Elian shipped back to Castro's Cuba.  And in each case, the liberals — who never shut up about their concern for the weak and the oppressed — have sided with the creep against the victim.

As Don puts it, 'The liberals now stand for death and oppression.  And, with their allies on the courts, they use the letter of the law to impose their will.'

Good one, Don.  Keep 'em coming.

Herb Meyer  3 19 05