Life support, from one who knows


Lawrence Henry writes of his own medical situation today on The American Spectator's website, in the context of Terri Schiavo's death. Larry has had two kidney failures — first his own, and then his transplaneted kidney, and today is on dialysis. It is a deeply moving, highly personal article, the type for which Larry is justly renowned. The entire article should be read by everyone.

Am I on life support? I suppose I am. Long before the Schiavo case broke on the national scene, when I felt at my worst, as I thumbed through a file on my desk, I found the health—care proxy I had signed before my second transplant. A health—care proxy is of course not a living will. Nonetheless, moved by some impulse I did not then understand, I tore it up. I find myself quite reluctant to sign another.

Thomas Lifson   4 1 05