Money and the National Council of Churches


Mark D. Tooley, writing in the Weekly Standard, reveals another reason why the National Council of Churches is skewing leftward: it is raising increasing amounts of money from liberal and left wing foundations, such as the Teresa Heinz Kerry—supported Tides Foundation.

Aware that the denominations would provide no more financial rescues, [NCC president Bob] Edgar changed the NCC's system of financial support. Instead of depending on the churches, the NCC is increasingly funded by left—wing philanthropies, like the Tides Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and political advocacy groups, like the Sierra Club and

To a remarkable degree, the entire Left Wing Project in America is a function of big money, operating on many fronts, but deriving its strength from the super—rich who seek redemption through politics.

Denominations are fleeing the NCC, and those which remain are shrinking. Politics is no genuine substitute for religion. The leadership of several church denominations (Presbyterian, United Chruch of Christ)  have, over the last couple of years, been engaged in a campaign to disparage Israel. They have sought to compel Israel to tear down the security barrier that has prevented many terror attacks and saved many innocent lives. They have also sought to compel pension funds and other investment funds to divest stock holdings in companies that engage in business with Israelis. This campaign begs the question of what forces motivate them to take such a lop—sided approach to the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Who would have guessed at the insidiousness of this left—wing approach to demonize Israel? The left is, of course, anti—religious but will use its resources to corrupt religious bodies in America. Moveon.Org and other 527 groups can receive foreign money without having to report its sources or existence.  The Tides Foundation is also clearly pro—Palestinian and anti—Israel and are apologists for suicide bombers. This poses the question: have Arab Muslim groups (who loath Christians) used 527 groups as a front to launder money and thereby use Christian churches to destroy Israel? Have Christian churches supped, wittingly or not, with the devil?

Ed Lasky   8 30 05