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Steve Gilbert only scratched the surface in today's article on Joe Bangert, one of Kerry's Band of Brothers. What follows is said to be a transcript of one of Joe's orations drawn from a usenet group. At the end a link to a larger list is provided. If you want to see the kind of stories about atrocities (including cannibalism) Joe has been peddling, read on. Warning: graphic language.

I am the real Joe Bangert...
For the record, I am not haunted by my actions in Viet Nam. Having chucked my medals over the fence during Operation Dewey Canyon III— my masculinity does not hinge on dusty old pieces of metal nor colorful ribbons garnered via tribal headbashing.

The Winter Soldier Investigations were timely and followed the My Lai incident— what happened at My Lai (they the DOD lied) was not an isolated incident of aberrant behavior. Real veterans were assembled from many units and time frames to explain to the American people
that what happened at Pinkville was— in a sense— SOP— you can deny it— but then you would be lying— and this was just as Nixon and his lying sack of shit administration who was elected to end the war but did NOT have a secret plan to end the war, but rather expanded the war into the whole
Indochina theatre— 'Dewey Canyon I' operated in Laos in 1969— I was there in the sky on the ground briefly. Thank God.

Then in 1970 Nixon's 'limited incursion' into Cambodia ended in bitter defeat in seeking 'COSVN' and ended up with South Vietnamese troops (Hackman Vo's people) beheading Cambodians and eating their livers and hearts! Having been a helicopter crew member I helped saved countless lives of wounded and transported the
dead and dying to their temporary resting places in the red clay of Quang Tri and Thua Thien, Laos and Quang Nam.
This was followed by the assassination of American kids at Orangeburg and Kent State who opposed the fucking war!
Being antiwar was a continuation of saving lives and preventing more killing and wounding.

I am very proud that I worked tirelessly to undermine the Thieu regime and help the American people cut off all aid to the Nguyen Van Thieu clique They were/ and are fucking thieves and fascists. Wasn't it Nguyen Cao Ky (sun glasses and purple ascot) and a former French Air Force lackey who once said he greatly admired Adolph Hitler?

You may recall that George Herbert Walker Bush as well as Babs flew into Hanoi to give a speech on behalf of
Citibank (and was rewarded with a million Moonie bucks— was rumored to also be in the market to buy 1,000,000 M—16's left behind to be used as some sort of trophy for Viet Nam War buffs— the joke going on then in Thang Long town
was "Who wants to but a million ARVN M—16's— never fired— dropped once!"

I worked tirelessly after the war for reconciliation between our two peoples and nations. I have no regrets. And yes, unlike you traumatized hate—filled basket cases and right wing troglodytes I did go back and work in Viet Nam in my own pursuit of happiness.

What I did is none of your concern. I'm okay with Viet Nam— there the war is way over, it is here that closure has not occurred. I have many friends over there as well as here. My friends over there include many former PAVN soldiers who once fought against me— their friendship is a gift which I cherish— I don't pretend you are my enemies today— but you sure act it. Think about this. I'll take them anyDAY over most of you. And that is a fact.

It is 2001 boys— grow up and get a life— THE WAR IS OVER! IT's ALL OVER! WAR WHAT WAS IT GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! '

Biet roi, kho lam, noi mai nhinh thi biet' as they might say to me ovewr a few cold Halidas or Con Ho's and that is the whole truth. Now back to your fragging— and self aggrandizing— you all deserve each other— I will drop in from time to time as is my perogative— and if you
don't like it— well —tough shit then.

I will not respond to your red baiting McCarthyite tactics and ad hominem arguments. Look at yourself in the mirror— what do you see? Pathetic nitwits. There is one lesson I did learn in the 'Nam — some of the best people I ever met served with me and some of the worst scurrilous scumbags were there as well, as you so much remind me from time to time— Well it is time for me to noi tieng Viet Nam so
Tam Biet ya'll— and get a new target tomorrow— and that's the way it is. G.I. Joe < ;—)